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Betfred World Snooker Championship

The Crucible Theatre, Sheffield.

Choose Tickets

Ticket type Cost (face value)? Quantity
10:00 SESSION - TABLE ONE £44.00 (£40.00) Sold out
10:00 SESSION - TABLE TWO £44.00 (£40.00) Sold out
14:30 SESSION - TABLE ONE £44.00 (£40.00) Sold out
14:30 SESSION - TABLE TWO £44.00 (£40.00) Sold out
19:00 SESSION - TABLE ONE £49.50 (£45.00) Sold out
19:00 SESSION - TABLE TWO £49.50 (£45.00) Sold out

More information about Betfred World Snooker Championship tickets

Bookings are limited to 4 tickets per session. Any customers who exceed this limit will have their orders cancelled.

In order to book different sessions on the same day please add tickets to your basket and then click continue shopping.

Photo ID will be required by fans attending the event in 2020 and this will need to match the name printed on the ticket. If you are purchasing tickets as a gift, you will need to add their surname to the tickets as part of the order. When booking online, book the tickets in your name, and add the surname detail when prompted as part of the checkout.

For access bookings, Premium or VIP packages please contact the Crucible Box Office directly.
For details see www.worldsnooker.com/tickets